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we are a steroid store who take our Business very seriously We ship to the UK and worldwide. we buy steroids in bulk straight from the manufacturer. the advantages of this Is we can give our customers the best  prices because there's no middleman. and we can  guarantee all our products are At  the highest quality and are  the real deal. here at cnpsupplements.com are a team of seasoned  bodybuilder's who have tried  nearly every steroid on the market. and we have got the  numbers down to 4 or 5 brands if you’ve  never  heard of it  we don’t sell it its  simple! we don’t bloat our website out with 3rd rate products and then try to charge you the earth for it or rip you off on extortionate postal charges.

we asked ourselves what do our customers want? the answer? Steroids at the highest quality and at the best prices and fast next day delivery! Obviously' shipping outside the UK takes longer but it's still faster than any other steroid  website. if you have any questions please feel free to contact us we have a very friendly team who can give you advice on our products or on bodybuilding in general. 

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